NWoD Explorations

Rose Bride's Plight Introduction

A cold war between Spring and Winter threatens to tear the freehold apart. Broken oaths, betrayals, and bitter memories widened the chasm between the two Courts for decades with each transition from Onyx to Emerald becoming an ever more frigid and hostile affair.

In the past, fanatics on either side have taken overt action against their enemies and tensions have swelled. Members of the Freehold fear that if something is not done soon, one party or the other will take drastic action and drive the Freehold into a true civil war.

Or worse.

From amidst the turmoil, two level headed rules have emerged and struck a time-honored bargain, pledging to unite their Courts with a wedding between two of their members. But it appears that someone isn’t eager to see the decades old hostilities so easily soothed



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